Golden Girl is fake right?

Question by bolita granados: Golden Girl is fake right?
Okay so I just got bored and went online and got a free tarot reading by someone known as Golden Girl.
I just wanted to confirm if this is all fake cuz i keep on getting messages from her and told me this (exatly the words she put): First and foremost…it is what your Tarot cards are predicting…strengthened by the 2 rare aspects entering your life…it’s the perfect storm…something that may not happen for another 100 years!

In case you’ve forgotten let me tell you what they are again:

Aspect one: Saturn in Libra

Aspect two: Chiron in Pisces
Then she told me something about the cars telling her that I’m smart witch I am I know cux I’m in the gate class.
Either way I just wanted for you to confirm if all of this is just fake right. I Know this is silly but I’m very doubtful on a lot of things please just tell me if this is a spam or not

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Answer by IdentityCrisis
Readings should always be done in person, as the connection between the querrent (the person being read to) and the cards can’t be made unless they have contact with them. That’s not to say the reading can’t be made without the querrent’s presence in the cards, but it does stop the answer from being as personalized. Another thing; don’t go to much into it. Tarot was designed to be a guide, and only that. If a tarot reader says you will get an ‘A’ on your next test, and so you stop studying, you obviously won’t get that A. Take your reading with a grain of salt; that is to say don’t trust it, but that doesn’t mean it is false.

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